Tax Efficient Investing

While Sage does not prepare taxes for clients, we have insight into tax planning and consult with experts on taxes as they pertain to investment portfolios, and we also have two certified public accountants on staff.  Throughout the year, we are mindful of how taxes impact the management of client investment portfolios, including continually assessing the tax effects of any portfolio changes under consideration.

Particularly toward the end of the year, we strive to review each client portfolio to determine if any tax-planning moves should be undertaken.  This could include capital-loss harvesting, gain harvesting, bond swaps, or fund swaps to avoid year-end distributions.  While in most cases all taxes are not avoidable, steps can be taken to reduce the impact of taxes on investment portfolios.  In addition to these ongoing activities, Sage monitors tax legislation activity and performs special analysis and planning relating to new legislation when appropriate.