2016 Best Practices AwardInvestmentNews’ Best Practices Award is an important initiative that recognizes the top-performing and most innovative firms in the financial advice industry. The 12 winners of the InvestmentNews Best Practices Awards were identified through their participation in the 2016 Financial Performance Study of Advisory Firms. To identify the 2016 Best Practices Award winners, InvestmentNews Research created composite scores that examined the rate of growth, profitability and productivity levels for all of the participants in the 2016 InvestmentNews Financial Performance Study. The “Best Practices” were those who ranked among the top-quartile of all participants; in addition, the final firms were selected after qualitative interviews conducted by the InvestmentNews Best Practices Committee. Neither the advisory firms nor their employees pay a fee to InvestmentNews in exchange for inclusion in the original survey or follow up interviews and award selection.

“The Best Practices winners truly approach their businesses as CEOs and not just as advisers,” said Mark Bruno, associate publisher at InvestmentNews and head of InvestmentNews Research. “All of these firms are run by people with a long-term vision for their organization – and an ongoing commitment to improving and enhancing their businesses. Their accomplishments and stories will help educate, inform and influence the growth of this industry.

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