Social Responsibilities

  • Day-in, day-out, our purpose is to help make our world a better place
  • We are responsible to our local communities. We believe that where we live, work, and play requires continuous, compassionate care.
  • We are responsible to our society. We believe society thrives when education, healthcare, and the arts are alive and well and accessible.
  • We are responsible to ourselves. We believe in balancing work and play and in honoring family and friendship.
  • A culture of giving and community involvement permeates our organization. We effectively employ our resources—time, people, and money—to achieve maximum community impact and benefit.
  • Charity is a very personal matter, and we support and leverage the charitable interests of our people, our clients, and our business partners. We support a variety of charitable causes, and we proudly consider this to be one of our major measures of success.